State and Federal Contractors Water Agency

Our Mission is to develop and support programs to produce robust science and habitat restoration projects that improve the Bay-Delta ecosystem, and assist SFCWA member agencies in assuring an adequate, reliable and high quality water supply.

  • Habitat Program
  • Coordinated Science Program
  • Delta Governance
  • Coordinated Science Program

    The Coordinated Science Program focuses on research and publishing findings on Delta ecosystem stressors towards developing management actions that further California’s co-equal goals of a restored Delta ecosystem and water supply reliability. The Science Program staff work to facilitate collaboration with Delta science entities to increase mutual understanding of science findings.

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  • The California Delta

    The Delta plays a major role in the state’s prosperity by providing at least a portion of the drinking water for 24 million Californians, fueling a $31 billion agricultural industry and serving as an important habitat to more than 750 animal and plant species and many non-native species, including waterfowl, birds of prey, sport fish and species listed as threatened or endangered: Delta smelt, Chinook salmon and steelhead.

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  • Tule Red Restoration

    The Tule Red Restoration Project represents an ideal location to restore tidal marsh in the Sacramento‐San Joaquin Delta. The project will meet a portion of the state and federal requirement to restore 8,000 acres of wetland habitat in the Delta.

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The State and Federal Contractors Water Agency has two main program areas for addressing Delta issues: Science Research and Review and Ecosystem Restoration. SFCWA dedicates its resources in each area in an effort to achieve co-equal goals for water supply and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

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